The Favored Clans

Samurai Shugenja

The Twelve Favored Clans of Metsuretsu are the noble houses in the Bamboozled campaign. Each clan possesses one of the Dragonmarks (as detailed in the Eberron Campaign Setting). In order for a player character to have any of the Dragonmarks, he or she must be from one of the clans and at least part human. However, only full-blooded humans can manifest anything other than an Aberrant Dragonmark.

The Clans:

Animal Family Name Dragonmark
Boar Clan Inoshishi Mark of Making
Crab Clan Hida Mark of Warding
Crane Clan Doji Mark of Scribing
Dragon Clan Tatsu Mark of Detection
Dragonfly Clan Kagerou Mark of Finding
Fox Clan Kitsune Mark of Handling
Lion Clan Akodo Mark of Sentinel
Mantis Clan Yoritomo Mark of Storm
Phoenix Clan Asako Mark of Healing
Scorpion Clan Shosuro Mark of Shadow
Sparrow Clan Suzume Mark of Hospitality
Unicorn Clan Shinjo Mark of Passage

The Favored Clans

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